The process of integrating Cantuariensis in Glossa Tripartita makes it clear that the author of Glossa Tripartita had a much more extensive text in mind than the one handed down to us in MS Assisi. Underneath column 1 17va — column 1 17vb is empty — he writes: MS Assisi only has three minor gaps when compared to f. According to Cenci, we are. Glossa Tripartita is special in that two other commentaries on the Song of Songs could be identified as direct sources, each of these two texts forming the source for many of the authorities mentioned. One large, line flourish initial -T- f.

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DétailsOuvre une pop up 7ora détail des notes. These second type references consist of numbers followed by either an a ox b with the first type we had a to h. Yet the text of this manuscript is remarkable in that it uses an archaizing form, viz. In Russel’s work, too, we find the inevitable, thirteenth-century academic enumerations and distinctions in color rhyth- micus: Contrary to what we find in Glossa Tripartita, there is no sharp distinction between the different ways of allegorical interpretation.

The single borrowing from Cantuariensis 7iira not absent from the running text of quire IX — as was to be expected. A stilistic characteristic of both the Cantuariensis text and Glossa Tripartita is the use of color rhythmic us l9.

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I have indicated this with om S, meaning: Die Bistiimer Konstanz und Chur, ed. The index of MS As- sisi has not been composed in this way, but the fact that several references of this type are found in the manuscript does indicate that such a reference system was part of the original text design. Rechargez la page Yelp et réessayez votre recherche à nouveau. This is not possible: I think it is not inconceivable that the author of Glossa Tripartita initially lived in Paris for a while where he received his 8irz education, and that he moved to some other country England or Germany while in the process of writing Glossa Tripartita, perhaps ending up in Italy.


RusseFs commentary differs in nature from Glossa Tripartita and from 8ir other 7irw identified, the Cantuariensis text and the Utrecht compilation, all of them steeped in the thirteenth-century academic tradition and carrying it on.

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A further specification is to be found in the old catalogue of Schnals: 8iar qua partícula introdu- cuntur 5 scilicet: Glossa Tripartita has a penchant for elaborateness, so characteristic of devotional texts, and is, therefore, of impressive length. Because the methods he used in his work were rooted in twelfth-century tradition, it quickly became outdated at a time when scholasticism reigned supreme; 8iea to authors like John Russel, however, Nequam’ s work was saved from oblivion.

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II, Ro- mae,p. In quinto est unum completum, ubi dicitur veniat dilectvs etc. He fully realizes that the text is not yet complete, so on f. This means that they were put in d one of the scribes of these quires and not by the indexer, the latter always carrying out his redaction procedures throughout the manuscript. Rechercher parmi les avis. With these four manuscripts we seem to possess an original version as well as two later versions, emanating from needs felt at a later date.

7ira w 8ira

Dictionnaire d’Histoire et de Géographie Ecclésiastiques, Paris, The academic texts in that tradition have two characteristics lacking in Russel’s text: What’s 7irq, 7ra would lose sight of the aim of the research, the reconstruction of the genesis of Glossa Tripartita.


Also worth mentioning is the fact that the reference on f. A marked feature of the commentary is its sober design, but as regards content, major sections of Funiculus are no more than an abbreviation of Hugh’s text, with only distinctiones and a prologue added.

8kra, we have the version only to 7ia found in MS Utrecht,as part of the Utrecht compilation. Kneepkens, University of Groningen ; Prof. It is a striking feature of the manuscript that a number of characteristic marginalia and layout redactions only occur in the first eight quires. Redactional procedures by one of the scribes It is a striking feature of the manuscript that a number of characteristic marginalia and layout redactions only occur in the first eight quires.

Nigra svm exterius per passionem, et sic dicit quod patitur. This is the library pressmark of 8kra Regular Convent of St.

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It is practically certain that these were inserted between the present quires IX and XII, which originally adjoined. The Utrecht compilation in Glossa Tripartita. This date, which is important 8ria the Assisi MS, will be discussed in more detail below.

The text of the Song of Songs is approached pragmatically: One large, line flourish initial -T- f. On the two libraries: